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Interview With ‘Who’s Watching Oliver’ Star Russell Geoffrey Banks!

Who’s Watching Oliver was a very unique take on the life of a serial killer. One of the most memorable aspects in this film is the main character, Oliver, who is wonderfully performed by Russell Geoffrey Banks. Fortunately for us, Russell has taken the time to talk to PopHorror about …

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Who’s Watching Oliver (2017) – Movie Review

When I first saw the trailer for Who’s Watching Oliver, I immediately wanted to watch the film. The main character himself intrigued me the most. I expected the film to be sinister and gory. Was I right with these assumptions?  Who’s Watching Oliver is directed by Richie Moore as well as …

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Who’s Watching Oliver (2017) – Official Teaser Release

How can you escape from a haunting and murderous life? This is the question the quiet yet dangerous Oliver asks himself in the new dramatic horror film Who’s Watching Oliver.  Who’s Watching Oliver is currently making its run in the festival circuit. So far, the film has won five times for …

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