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‘Everybody Loves Nico!’ An Interview with ‘SUMMONING SYLVIA’ Star Frankie Grande

Summoning Sylvia was released on March 31st with positive reception and glowing reviews. Frankie Grande has a well of talent to draw from; dancing, singing, and acting. He’s also one of the stars of Summoning Sylvia portraying one of my favorite characters, Nico. I had the absolute joy of talking with …

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‘Summoning Sylvia’s’ Dynamic Duo – Interview with Alex Wyse & Wesley Taylor

I’ve been chosen by the writing/directing duo Alex Wyse & Wesley Taylor (Indoor Boys 2019) as the lesbian ambassador to spread the good word about Summoning Sylvia. Seriously though, not enough good can be said about it. But in case you’ve missed the review, here’s a brief synopsis: Summoning Sylvia tells …

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Fantasia International Film Festival 2022: Interview With Filmmaker Addison Heimann For ‘Hypochondriac’

I’ve been really lucky to see some pretty amazing films at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. But the one that has really stuck out the most for me is Addison Heimann’s queer horror thriller about mental illness, Hypochondriac. Based on a real breakdown, Hypochondriac has been on my mind, …

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