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In-Depth Interview with Josh Hasty, Director of New Halloween Film ‘Candy Corn’

Not many filmmakers can take the credit for bringing a beloved genre favorite out of retirement. But Josh Hasty can. When he cast horror icon PJ Soles in his new flick, Candy Corn (read our review – here), she has credited Josh with jump-starting her return to acting. It was …

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‘Candy Corn’ (2019) Movie Review: Revenge As Sweet As Candy

Candy Corn

It’s that time of year where I crave everything Halloween. I watch horror movies all year round, but I prefer to indulge in Halloween-centered movies as much as I can. Candy Corn has been on my radar for a long time and I was stoked when DREAD picked it up. …

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Interview With Pancho Moler: Extreme Sports to Bloody Mayhem in Horror

Born in Chile’s capital of Santiago, Pancho Moler moved to the United States at a young age where he eventually found success as the world’s first professional little person skateboarder. However, after an unfortunate accident ended his career in the extreme sport, he searched for another passion to fulfill his …

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