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Waxwork Records Strikes Again With Rob Zombie Presents: ‘SPIDER BABY’

Spider Baby

Waxworks Records released their second entry in the Rob Zombie Presents series: Spider Baby. How does the second entry hold up in comparison to the first? Unlike White Zombie, which was a single LP, Spider Baby is a double LP, with each record being a different color. Once again, Graham …

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Lars Von Trier’s ‘Antichrist’ Soundtrack Goes Vinyl


In Antichrist, a grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to fix their troubled marriage. When nature turns evil, things go from bad to worse and the true terror begins. Lars Van Trier’s shocking, dark horror thriller just celebrated its 10th anniversary in May. To commemorate the …

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The Shape Returns In the ‘Halloween’ (2018) OST Soundtrack Preview

John Carpenter

Horror master John Carpenter and The Shape return in 2018 to the iconic horror film series they started back in 1978. Yes, Carpenter is back and he’s scoring David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel, which hits theaters this October. Released by Sacred Bones records, the soundtrack will also be available in …

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‘Dogged’ Motion Picture Soundtrack Now Available


Richard Rowntree’s folk horror film Dogged is now available on home video and on demand. We really enjoyed it (read our review here)! ScreamWorks Records sends word they’ve once again teamed up with The Drift composer James Griffths. Together they are proud to present his finely tuned chiller score for Dogged …

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