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A Retrospective On The ‘Halloween’ Franchise And How It Launched My Career

On Halloween night of 2002, a horror movie murder would happen that would inspire me to not only become a fan of the horror genre, but eventually become an independent horror writer and director myself. This is the story of how John Carpenter’s movie franchise, Halloween, became my favorite horror …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ’28 WEEKS LATER’ (2007)

28 Weeks Later

Zombies have always been one of my biggest fears. I feel like it’s such a possible reality for humans in this day and age. Especially given how advanced our science is. I think it’s totally believable to think that our government could be doing experiments to make an undead army. …

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‘Night of the Living Dead:’ The Birth of a Genre and My Love For Horror

In 1968, an independent horror film was being written, directed, photographed and edited by a man who would soon make such an impact on the horror genre that his name would not ever be recognized by anyone familiar with the genre. That movie was Night of the Living Dead and the …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ‘Halloween’ 1978: It All Began With The Shape!

Still from Halloween 1978

I get asked what my favorite horror movie is all the time. Without skipping a beat, with no hesitation in the response, I always respond even before the question is done being asked. My utmost, favorite and unabashedly all-time number one horror movies is without a doubt, Halloween (1978). Yes …

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