Breaking News: Director Albert Pyun is in Critical Health Condition, Wants to Hear From Fans

If you’re a fan of horror, sci-fi, and cult classics, you may not realize it, but you’ve probably seen an Albert Pyun movie. Especially if you’ve ever inhabited a video store. Pyun has been an extremely active member of the film community, having directed a whopping 49 feature films. He was often found collaborating with actors like Rutger Hauer and Ice T. While he’s covered a variety of movies, his largest passions seem to be directed towards martial arts, sci fi, and drama. While many of his films were lower budget, he would throw everything he could at them, making such memorable films as the original Captain America (1990), Dollman, the Nemesis quadrilogy, and The Sword & The Sorceror.

Albert Pyun in front of an advert for Captain America 1990.
Albert Pyun in front of an advert for Captain America 1990.

For several years, Albert Pyun has been dealing with severe complications from multiple sclerosis (MS). Just a few nights ago, his wife, Cynthia Curnan (social link here, given with permission for this purpose; please be respectful) requested that fans reach out to her or on this post with comments of appreciation and support due to his rapidly reclining health state and guilt that Pyun admitted to since he knows he would be unable to finish the two films he has in production currently.

If you have seen and enjoyed any of Pyun’s films, please consider reaching out. Both posters have confirmed Pyun is reading them and they are helping ease this sad, stressful time. Even if you have not seen any of Albert Pyun’s movies, it’s never too late to start! I am enclosing a link to his JustWatch page so you can find some of his filmography and consider watching one of his films as a show of support. Horror and science fiction are really our communities here at PopHorror, and we want to encourage support in the rough times to their members and contributors, so please consider any of the above if you have time!

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