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Movie Review: ‘Ghosts of the Ozarks’ (2021) A Unique and Thrilling Ghost Story

Thomas Hobson as James McCune in the mystery/thriller GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS, an XYZ Films release. Photo courtesy of XYZ Films.

I love a good ghost story and the trailer for Ghosts of the Ozarks definitely sparked my interest. The film was directed by Matt Glass (The Party’s Just Beginning – read interview HERE) along with Jordan Wayne Long (12 Hour Shift – read review HERE). Long also co-wrote the film …

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Interview With Thomas Hobson, Star Of ‘Ghosts Of The Ozarks’

Ghost of the Ozarks is one of my favorite films of the year. It’s beautifully done. Just from the set alone, it’s obvious that a lot of care and attention to detail went into making it. To celebrate the release of the film to digital and On Demand, I chatted …

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Interview With Directors Of ‘Ghosts Of The Ozarks,’ Jordan Wayne Long And Matt Glass

It’s always so much fun to interview a pair of filmmakers who are not only successful business partners, but are also best friends in the personal aspects of their lives. Director Matt Glass and director and writer Jordan Wayne Long, both of whom worked on the 2020 film, 12 Hour …

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Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2021: ’12 Hour Shift’ Movie Review

New year, new movies! I’m so excited to start 2021 with one of my favorite fests, the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival. This year, they’re screening 12 Hour Shift a film I’ve been wanting to see since I first read another PopHorror writer’s thoughts on it. The trailer is chock full …

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Interview With ‘Scream’s’ David Arquette

One of my earliest horror crushes was David Arquette as the witty Benny in the 1992 film, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Over the course of the years, David earned a real fan in me after starring in the Scream franchise, and from what I can tell, he’s a pretty cool …

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