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Review – Mark Cantu’s ‘Wolf Hollow’ Is Wild And Gory

The world doesn’t have enough werewolf flicks, in my humble opinion. The lore of Lycanthropes, their bloodlust, and what I imagine would be a powerful, painful transition into a beast, have always intrigued me.  Contemporary times have left horror fans with a short stack of worthy werewolf titles. Some of …

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Coming Soon: Mark Cantu’s Practical FX film ‘Wolf Hollow’ (2023)

Wolf Hollow (2023)

Coming soon is a new practical FX horror film directed by Mark Cantu (Massacre Academy) called Wolf Hollow. The film stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Hannah Fierman (Terror Trips), and Lynn Lowry (Model Hunger). Synopsis: A group of young filmmakers, led by neophyte producer Alex Romero (Christina Krakowski), venture out …

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Mark Cantu’s ‘Massacre Academy’ (2021) Brings Slasher Fans To School – Movie Review

Slasher films are perhaps one of horror’s most hallowed subgenres. Since they first rose to mainstream popularity in the 1980s, we’ve seen decades worth of attempts from filmmakers trying to bring masked serial killers back to prominence. Massacre Academy is the newest entry to that long and luxurious laundry list, …

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