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PopHorror Chats with Irrational Fear Star Leah Wiseman

As you all know, February is Women in Horror Month. And does PopHorror have a treat for you! This month, you can expect many great articles and interviews that celebrate women in the horror industry. We were so excited to sit down and chat with the very lovely horror actress …

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‘Irrational Fear’ (2017) – A Fear Filled Review

In life, there are many things people fear. From heights to spiders, to enclosed spaces, and perhaps sometimes just good old-fashioned death. Or maybe it’s even among the lines of something supernatural. Some may say these fears are “Irrational” but what if they were actually what caused our demise and …

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Teaser Trailer for ‘Irrational Fear’ Brings Your Worst Fears to Life

irrational fear

What if facing your deepest and darkest fear meant that you could die… would you risk it? I’m stoked to announce that the teaser trailer for Slasher Studios & LAHorror.com’s feature film collaboration, Irrational Fear has arrived! Check it out down below. Irrational Fear is directed by Hunter Johnson as well as co-written by …

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