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Fantastic Fest 2020 Review – ‘The Stylist’ Makes a Triumphant Transition to Feature

Since her breakout debut in 2014 with her stellar short film Call Girl (check it out here), Jill “Sixx” Gevargizian has consistently left the horror masses enamored. She directed a hefty 15 short films in under five years since, each one stellar in its own right. But it was her masterful …

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FGBFF 2019: ‘Obsessions’ Shorts Block Review

Obsession, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is a persistent, disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling. Obsessions can be dangerous. They can cause us to act impulsively or irrationally, to do things completely against our nature or character. So naturally, such fixation can make for some powerfully compelling …

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PopHorror Goes to Halloweenapalooza 2017

On October 14th, I had the opportunity to attend Ottumwa’s Halloweenapalooza. The day was filled with horror films, both feature length and shorts, in the midst of vendors and panels. This year’s guests were Children of the Corn’s Isaac and Malachi: John Franklin and Courtney Gains. When you think of Iowa, …

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