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‘Remnants’ (2020) World Premiere Coming To Alamo Drafthouse, Winchester

Remnants (2020) is the 10th film from indie outfit Absurd Productions Pictures. Writer/Director Mark Byrne’s supernatural horror film is a bold new departure from his last film, the lighthearted creature feature, Bigfoot! (2019). The world premiere is almost here and we’re just as excited to see it as you are! Where …

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New Horror Comedy ‘Bigfoot!’ Plays By Its Own Rules

The new horror comedy Bigfoot! is a rare example of a film’s alleged shortcomings actually working in its favor. It shines, it stumbles, it makes you laugh, and it makes you scratch your head. And it’s got movie references for days. But as someone once famously said of Plan 9 …

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Killer Campout (2017) Movie Review

I have said it many times before, but I absolutely love slasher films. I just can’t get enough of the creative, gory kills and the ridiculous plot twists. While big budget horror has abandoned the slasher film, they have experienced a massive resurgence in the indie horror scene with some …

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