Killer Campout (2017) Movie Review

I have said it many times before, but I absolutely love slasher films. I just can’t get enough of the creative, gory kills and the ridiculous plot twists. While big budget horror has abandoned the slasher film, they have experienced a massive resurgence in the indie horror scene with some recent examples being The Wicked One, Pool Party Massacre, Party Night and All Through The House, as well as the latest indie slasher, Killer Campout, from Brad Twigg and Fuzzy Monkey Films.

Killer Campout is the latest film from director Brad Twigg (Fiendish Fables 2016) from a script he wrote with Matt Hill (Frames of Fear 2016) and James L. Edwards (Psycho Sisters 1998). The film stars Nadia White (Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2016), Chris O’Brocki (Fiendish Fables 2016), George Stover (Night Beast 1982), Julio Bana Fernandez, Andrea Marie (Urban Legends to Die For 2017), Lindsay Lockhart (Milfs Vs Zombies 2015), Gary Lee Vincent (Deimosimine 2017), Jesse L. Green (Bottom Creek 2017), Rick Germain (Fat Guy with a Shotgun: Hillbilly Prophecy 2017), Jenny Jannetty (The Curse of Krampus 2017), Roger Yawson and Luba Hansen (Fiendish Fables 2016), with a cameo from John A. Russo (co-authored the scripts for Night the Living Dead 1968 and Return of the Living Dead 1985) and narration from “Godfather of Gore” Hershell Gordon Lewis

Two youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when the group is terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood.

Considering the extremely low budget nature of Killer Campout, I was highly impressed with the quality and quantity of the kills on display. The film features a fuck ton of nudity, blood and gore and includes a knife going through someone’s throat and out their mouth, an arrow to the throat, leg and eye, a nasty birth scene, the top of a man’s getting head cut off and his brains eaten, a gutting, a pitchfork to the throat, a person getting scalped, a spike to the throat, a man being cut in half, throat slashings, stabbings to the stomach and chest, a snapped neck, gunshot wounds to the head, throats torn out, and heads getting bashed in with rocks.

The killer was very brutal and had no mercy. I really liked the ax that he used, which looked like it was fashioned from broken street signs. My favorite characters were John and Laura, played by Julio Bana Fernandez and Luba Hansen respectively. They both did a great job making their characters feel real and relatable, as well as being extremely likeable. I was expecting the story to be fairly standard, but there were several nice twists in the final act and thankfully they left it wide open for a sequel. If they decide to make one, I would love to see the characters of John and Laura return. I also wouldn’t mind another John Russo cameo.

Final Thoughts

Killler Campout is a brutal slasher that delivers a shitload of carnage on a limited budget. Brad Twigg most certainly did not have a lot of money, but his love for ’80s slashers shines through. If you like gore and boob-filled slasher films that don’t get bogged down with too much story, then I recommend you check out Killer Campout when it’s released.

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