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Jacob Gentry’s ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion’ (2021) Is Long On Style But Falls Short On Story – Movie Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a tech savvy person. I feel pretty fortunate every day when my computer boots up without an error message. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good computer movie, and the idea behind director Jacob Gentry’s (The Signal) new film, …

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Coming Soon to Digital and VOD: Jacob Gentry’s ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion’

Coming Soon to Digital and VOD is a new horror film directed by Jacob Gentry (The Signal) called Broadcast Signal Intrusion. The film stars Harry Shum Jr.(Crazy Rich Asians), Kelley Mack  (The Walking Dead TV series), Chris Sullivan (The Knick TV series), and Anthony E. Cabral (Bad Johnson). It will …

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