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‘Monsters In The Dark’ By Author Donovan ‘Monster’ Smith Released Through Red Cape Publishing

We’re big fans of Red Cape Publishing over here at PopHorror. Not only do we love the books that they put out, but a few of our writers have actually had their work published through Red Cape. When we heard about a new debut novel from horror film producer Donovan …

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Interview With Dark-Minded ‘Horror Circus’ Author Steven Farkas

Author Steven Farkas has a dark mind! But that’s okay. We here at PopHorror love people with dark minds. His work is described as a cross between “Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Philip K. Dick, (Troma Films’) Lloyd Kaufman and a little H.P. Lovecraft.” His latest horror book, Horror Circus, is …

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Interview With Brenda Sue Tolian, An Author With A Masters In Horror

Brenda Sue Tolian is a horror author, co-host of the Burial Plot Horror Podcast, member of the Horror Author’s Guild, and a mother. She also just earned her Masters Degree in Horror from Regis University. The idea of the horror genre and the world of academia just never seemed to …

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Interview With J.G. Faherty, Author Of ‘Hellrider’

I firmly believe that stories of revenge are a catharsis for the average person. The idea of a protagonist exacting justice on the villain who harmed his friends and family is beautiful! Should any of us try that in real life, an annoying situation would go from bad to worse …

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Interview With D.A. Roberts, Author Of ‘Apex Predator: Horned Moon’

Who doesn’t love a good book about werewolves? Thankfully, author D.A. Roberts just released Apex Predator: Horned Moon as part of his Apex Predator series: Struggling with the loss of friends and loved ones, [a group of Native American warriors called] the Hotamétaneo’o find themselves drawn back to the deep, …

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The Man Behind The Camera: Interview With Indie Director Anthony Raus

Anthony Raus

I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite people in the indie horror business. A great man who is talented and also willing to help others succeed, director Anthony Raus. Learn about how he got involved in this business, some of his favorite projects, who he would …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Horror Writer Jonathan Edward Smith

Over the last couple years, it’s been a pleasure getting to know horror writer Jonathan Edward Smith. He’s very outspoken and insightful, which is why I reached out to him to do an interview for Horror Pride Month. It wouldn’t be the same without hearing his thoughts on things. Learn …

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What Does A Horror Writer Look Like, Anyway?

Freaked Out Author Lori Safranek Gives Us A Glimpse Into The World Of Woman Behind The Pen I don’t look like Stephen King. His is the face most people think of when you say “horror writer.” Delightfully craggy, that slightly menacing smile, those eyes that hint at madness. He’s the …

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Spooky Spotlight: Interview With Regina Stephens, Horror Artist and Writer

Regina Stephens

Horror is art. Recently, I’ve been turned on to the work of Regina Stephens, a wildly talented horror artist and writer whose work I’d like to share with all of you. I had the chance to speak with her about her work and process ahead of the release of her new chapter-by-chapter …

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