Paranormal Erotica Tale, ‘His Room,’ Written By Devin Shea – Book Review

Today, we’re talking about Devin Shea’s book, His Room, a dark romance thriller high up on the paranormal erotica vein. It is also Shea’s debut novella. The story follows Hazel Moreau, a young woman trying to kickstart her post-college life in a new place. She ends up finding beautiful old home in Missouri, fully furnished and for just the right price. But this house comes with an uninvited yet not altogether unwanted guest. Or is it all just a dream?

His Room is a quick read, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on story. A lot happens in these pages. Hazel starts off as a free spirit, willing to go anywhere her heart calls her to go. But when she buys this gorgeous house in Missouri, she realizes that she never needs to go anywhere again. The house not only calls her but keeps her. And the dreams that she has while living here are so full of hot-blooded, satisfying sexual pleasure that that Tinder profile can pretty much just go bye-bye. Why even think about leaving?

I do think a bit more could be added to His Room, maybe some offshoots or red herrings, just to give it a little more mystery and suspense. But, for a first time novelist, this book is an excellent starting off point. Anyone into paranormal erotica will love to dive into this story.

Written in a funny, relatable way that makes the story one you can’t help but keep reading until the end, His Room is a lush story full of beautifully written phrases and steamy subjugation that will leave you full of pain, terror, and longing.

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