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David Palmieri’s ‘Heart Of The Home’ (2021): A Cautionary Tale of Terror – Movie Review

Close quarter roommate situations where privacy is a rare commodity can be challenging to say the least. Throw in clashing personalities and mental instability mixed with murderous intent and you have a recipe for upheaval and disaster. In Heart Of The Home, a newly released indie horror inspired by true …

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Interview With Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg: Life, Adventure & True Horror

Hailing from the city of Oslo, the capital of Norway, Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg followed her adventurous spirit to L.A. where she inevitably found a home for her undying passion in the arts. As the daughter of a piano teacher and renowned knighted Norwegian classical pianist, Einar Steen-Nokleberg, her zest for life …

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First Look At David Palmieri’s ‘Heart of the Home’ (2020) Movie

Roommates can be incredible money savers. Someone with whom to split the monthly rent or mortgage payment? Cutting costs of utility bills? Increasing your savings account balance? While incredibly tempting, especially with rising cost of living, taking on a roommate does not come without risk. Less privacy is one thing. …

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