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GBFF 2019: Tom Botchii Skowronski’s ‘Artik’ Is A Brutal, Personal Apocalypse

Some things cling to you long after they should like the sweat of a hot day. You worry, even after a shower and enough time out of the sun, that it’ll never come off. Certain kinds of horror movies like Gerald Kargl’s Angst or JT Petty’s S&Man can stay with …

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GBFF 2019 Review: Mark Beal’s ‘Bloodsucker’s Planet’ (2019)

Bloodsucker’s Planet is an independent sci-fi entry about a team of space explorers that get a call to go to another planet. While the budget appeared to be very low, this space-themed film did its best to blend genres, mixing sci-fi, comedy, and horror. This film was written and directed …

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Yeti: A Love Story 2 (2017) – Sex, Gore And A Yeti

The thing about horror is that that it can be done in so many ways. It has several sub-genres, styles, and methods. Everyone has their favorite type, but it’s important to explore new boundaries. When I took the opportunity to review Yeti: A Love Story 2 (2017), I really had no …

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