Yeti: A Love Story 2 (2017) – Sex, Gore And A Yeti

The thing about horror is that that it can be done in so many ways. It has several sub-genres, styles, and methods. Everyone has their favorite type, but it’s important to explore new boundaries. When I took the opportunity to review Yeti: A Love Story 2 (2017), I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. The cover photo caught my eye and I was like, “I’m in!” So, did my impulse reaction work out in my favor or was I needing eye bleach by the end of the film?

Yeti: A Love Story 2, also known as Yeti: A Love Story – Life on the Streets, was co-directed by Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin. Gosselin also wrote the screenplay with Jim Martin and it is a sequel to the hit film Yeti: A Gay Love Story. This horror comedy has a fun and talented cast including Gosselin, Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, Adam Malamut, Phoenix Askani, Mike Price, Marissa Merrill, Liryc Suicide, Thom Sigsby, Whitney Moore, Chris Nelson, Jim Martin, Josh Androsky, Sean Keller, Michael Varrati, Tommy Pistol, and Erik Henrikkson. It won the award for Funniest Feature at the Genre Blast Film Festival.

“After moving to Los Angeles to start anew, Adam, an out of the closet single father of a Yeti baby, is dragged into the underground sex trade when his child is kidnapped. Now, with the help of his two new friends, a heroin-addicted Yeti prostitute and a sexy stripper, they must fight the forces of evil to save the world.”

I was actually surprisingly impressed with Yet: A Love Story 2. The storyline was hilarious and absurd, and although not a Troma film, I could definitely see it’s influences within the story and characters. Since I had never heard of the first film until after watching this one, it took me a bit to get a handle on the story… I was like,”Wait a minute, is this porn?” But after awhile a unique, cheesy, and entertaining story began beyond all the sexual innuendos… but yes, there are plenty of those as well.

The characters were all fun, unique, and rather disturbing. It’s always great to see Lloyd Kauffman, even if momentarily. He’s a legend in Troma and always brings the laughs. My favorite, of course, was the baby Yeti… he’s a little Yeti, how could I not love him? Beyond that, the pimp dude with an obnoxious purple outfit was ridiculous and came up with some crazy ideas. I also enjoyed seeing the lovely Whitney Moore play the character of Linda; she’s always a treat to watch and does a great job with mixing drama and comedy.

The blood and gore weren’t too heavy on this one, but there was still some fun blood splatter moments. I do wish there was more of it, though. Yeti: A Love Story 2 focused more on the female and male anatomy – plenty of boobs and penises and yes even an adult Yeti penis, which was by far disturbing but hilarious all at the same time.

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Final Thoughts:

I may not have known what I was getting myself into, but I was thoroughly entertained and caught myself laughing a few times. It’s so ridiculously cheesy, but it’s to be expected from these type of movies; they have their own charm. Sometimes it’s good to not take life too seriously and Yeti: A Love Story 2 did exactly that. So if you’re a fan of B flicks and obnoxiously fun films, show this one some love and support by watching and liking their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page!

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