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The Modern Freaky-Deaky Prometheus! Cauldron Films’ ‘FRANKENSTEIN ’80’ (1972) Blu-ray Review

Frankenstein '80

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Italian cinema. From giallos to cannibal flicks, from lush, gothic yarns to complete sci-fi rip-offs, I love ‘em all! Dubious dubbing, psychedelic soundtracks, frequent, unnecessary nudity from countless Euro-babes—gimmie more! So it was with an open mind and a sardonic grin that I popped in …

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Peacock Kicks Off Halloween Season With 100+ Streaming Horror Titles!

Get your Halloween groove on early, with more than 100 horror titles streaming on Peacock starting September 1st, 2023! This is a pretty fantastic collection, and you’re definitely going to want to check it out! Read on for the details! Screaming Now: Peacock is Your Home for Halloween  Boo-kle up: …

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You Are (Not) Alone: A ‘PACIFIC RIM’ (2013) Retrospective

Pacific Rim

To some, Pacific Rim may be a long, silly, robots vs monsters movie, meant to be disposable popcorn fun. Even if you only came to watch the movie for that, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Director Guillermo del Toro (read our recent retrospective on another film of …

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The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

The Dawn of Horror Noire Horror noire is coming through in a big way! And what better way to contribute than with a Mary Shelly-inspired tale? The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster takes the core of Frankenstein, and weaves in relevant, poignant moments that are relatable to so many. …

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Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943)

Before Batman fought Superman, before The Avengers assembled, before Freddy fought Jason, and before Godzilla fought King Kong, another shared universe was born. In 1943, in a successful attempt to revitalize the declining interest in their monsters, Universal Pictures created Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. The film would mark a …

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Sundance 2023 Review: ‘BIRTH/REBIRTH’ (2023) Reanimates An Old Genre

Birth/Rebirth (2023)

You ever have a film concept that you haven’t thought of, but when presented, you didn’t know you always needed it? Laura Moss’s new film, Birth/Rebirth was that for me. A very modern female-centric reinterpretation of Re-Animator? I’m on board for the ride. Here are our thoughts on Shudder‘s latest exclusive… …

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Arrow Video Unveils Massive Blu-ray and 4K UHD Lineup For April, 2022

Arrow Video / Arrow Academy

Arrow Video is back with a ton of Blu-ray and 4K UHD releases coming your way in April, 2022. With classic horror, sci-fi, and foreign films on the slate, Arrow has a little something for everyone! What’s coming your way in April? Read on for the details! From The Arrow …

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Interview with Thomas Hamilton: Director of ‘Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster’ (2021)

I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Hamilton, the director of Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster (2021 – our review). We spoke about Karloff’s impact on the horror genre, how he affected the treatment of actors, and what kinds of roles Boris would shine in today. …

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Shudder Announces February, 2022 Programming Lineup


Where did January go? We blinked and missed it! It’s February, now, and that means a ton of great new horror offerings from our friends at Shudder. From Boris Karloff to rare slashers to Tales of Terror to horror originals with a sprinkling of Joe Bob thrown in, Shudder has …

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Thomas Hamilton’s ‘Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster’ (2021) – Documentary Review

Boris Karloff is perhaps one of the foremost faces of the golden age of terror. Starring as the monster character in both Frankenstein and The Mummy (1932 – our retro review), Karloff was synonymous with some of the most important and influential horror villains of all time (read our deep dive into Universal Monsters …

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