Diabolik DVD Releases List of New Titles for Pre-Order

Physical media will never die. I love the portability of digital, but there’s nothing like owning a Blu-ray of a beloved film that you feared would’ve been forgotten. It’s more than just owning the film. Chances are, you have owned it on everything from a VHS in the ’80s at $75 a pop to another Good Times release of it in the ’90s that was in the bargain bin. When digital came along, maybe you grabbed the basic DVD.

Having a physical manifestation of certain films feels necessary. Call it a security blanket or a coping mechanism, but it’s a big part of my life… and anyone else’s who happens to be reading these words. This era definitely has its challenges, but a big upside for a film collector is that they can have their cake and eat it, too. Digital film libraries are ever present anywhere, but having those same films on a super deluxe release with a beautifully mastered print and new and vintage special features and backstories is priceless.

I happened to be in Minnesota a few years back talking about horror films with a mutual fan, and he said, “Have you ever checked out Diabolik DVD?” When I did, I quickly learned the sweet ambrosia of a lovingly crafted ultimate edition of a film that I love. So, saying Diabolik DVD is for genre film lovers is a drastic understatement.

Their new titles available for pre-order don’t disappoint. From classic Carpenter to one of my personal faves, Girlfriend From Hell, the list is amazing.

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Parents who were not film savvy and completely unprepared for choosing child appropriate viewing material were the catalyst that fueled my lifelong love affair with horror, exploitation, blaxploitation, low budget action, and pretty much anything that had to be turned off when my grandparents visited. I turned out okay for the most part, so how bad could all these films actually be?

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