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You’ll Come Running Back: 25 Years of Gregory Hoblit’s ‘FALLEN’ (1998) – Retro Review

Fallen (1998)

I don’t think it’s out of line to characterize 1998’s Fallen as a bit of a hidden gem. Though it’s not a perfect film, I nevertheless find it to be effective and entertaining. Director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear 1996) is able to craft a lightly creepy atmosphere melding the genres of …

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Werewolf Gangs Fight Over Magic Wolfboy: ‘Skinwalkers’ (2006) Movie Review

There are quite a few horror movies out there that deal with ancient prophecies and many end up looking corny as hell as a result. Does James Isaac’s Skinwalkers fall under this curse? To begin with, Skinwalkers has an interesting premise. There are two different sects of werewolves: (1) those …

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