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Director Madellaine Paxson Reflects On The Success Of ‘Blood Punch’ (2014) – Interview

After years of writing for various animated children’s shows, Madellaine Paxson made a conscious effort to blaze a new path for herself. In 2014, with a script penned by Eddie Guzelian, Madellaine took on the role of first-time feature filmmaker with the violent, darkly comedic Blood Punch, starring Milo Cawthorne …

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Interview With Actor Milo Cawthorne – This ‘Deathgasm’ And ‘Blood Punch’ Star Embraces His Indie Roles

Milo Cawthorne has been acting for years, but got a steady gig as Ziggy Grover in the popular Power Rangers RPM series. We horror fans know Milo from other roles he’s had, most notably in Guns Akimbo (2019), the indie hit Deathgasm (2015 – read our review here), and the …

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