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Coming Soon to Theaters: Bogdan Mirica’s ‘Dogs’ (2021)

Dekanalog Releasing is excited to present director Bogdan Mirica’s (Bora Bora) thriller, Dogs, as it opens soon in theaters. The film stars Dragos Bucur (The Way Back), Gheorghe Visu (Heidi), Vlad Ivanov (Snowpiercer), and Costel Cascaval (Time of the Wolf). It will hit theaters September 10, 2021. Synopsis: While selling …

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‘Euthanizer’ (2017) – The Rainbow Bridge Movie Review

The hardest part of owning a pet is watching them get old and suffer, or so one would think. Try being the person that has to do the physical act of  putting the animal down. The 2017 movie, Euthanizer, delves into the mind of such a person and shows the darkness …

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‘Bullet Head’ (2017) Movie Review

It’s always fascinating to me to see what actors do in the latter parts of their careers, after they’ve made those two or three movies that cemented them as legends; do they go for the quick-and-dirty cash grab that they know will probably help pay for the next couple years’ …

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