The Forever Room

Exclusive BTS Clip For ‘The Forever Room’ Ahead of August 24th Release!

From director Kevin Hicks (Doppel, Dead Air) and screenwriter and producer Vickie Hicks (Doppel, Dead Air), The Forever Room guides audiences through a mental labyrinth when it arrives this August. Vickie also stars in the film alongside Samantha Valletta (Kingdom by the Sea), Nicole Skelly (Paranormal Proof), and Luca Iacovetti (Dead Air). Check out the exclusive clip down below, in which Composer Lonnie Park discusses how he made the non-musical sounds for the TFR score. A very cool inside look at this film!

The Forever Room

Synopsis for The Forever Room

Constantly weaving in and out of a twisted reality, the dark and sinister film revolves around Claire (Samantha Valletta), a young woman who has been imprisoned, as she struggles to find a way to escape a relentless nightmare. Waking up to find herself chained in a basement, Claire attempts to piece together how she became a prisoner in a dark, unfamiliar place. As she continues to panic, her dread is amplified when she discovers her mother, Helen (Vickie Hicks), has captured her for “her own good.” As Claire slowly begins to mentally and emotionally unravel, she desperately tries to remember her past to help her escape her new reality. Threatened by ominous visitors only she can see, her sanity continues to slip, while locked in a power struggle with her captor. With no end in sight, Claire desperately latches onto her last shreds of sanity as it becomes clear that survival requires her to face a secret she forced herself to forget.

From Chinimble Lore, the tangled thriller dives into the dark corners of a prisoner’s psyche and delivers an unforgettable experience for horror fans. Both thought-provoking and chilling, The Forever Room is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Apple TV and will be available for purchase via iTunes, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, Prime Video, FandangoNOW, and more on August 24 from Freestyle Digital Media.

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