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‘THE LONG NIGHT’ (2022) Official Trailer, Poster, and Details Announced

The Long Night (2022)

What do you get when you cross a crazy cult with one of our favorite modern scream queens, Scout Taylor-Compton? You get THE LONG NIGHT (2022), a badass-looking folk horror tale that’s coming your way soon! I see SHUDDER in the production credits, so that tells us it’s bound to …

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‘Jackals’ (2017) – A Horrific Yet Satisfying Cult Movie

When I watched the trailer for Jackals, it seemed to me that this film was going to be The Strangers with the volume nob turned up 1,000 notches. Everything about it intrigued me. I have a bit of an obsession with cult-related things, and I could not wait to be able …

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Two New Clips for ‘Jackals’ (2017)

A new clip has been released for cult thriller Jackals. In the clip below provided by Bloody Disgusting, the Jackals have come to get back their member. The family watches in horror as the Jackals Howl surrounding the cabin. A fight breaks out amongst the family members to determine if …

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