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‘Creature From Black Lake’ (1976) Hits Blu-ray From Synapse Films

Creature From Black Lake (1976), a “longtime late-night TV favorite,” roars onto Blu-ray with an all-new 4K restoration, and a boatload of special features! Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE (1976) Synopsis There’s a hairy humanoid beast lurking in the Louisiana …

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Fantasia Film Festival 2020: ‘Clapboard Jungle’ Moviemaking Documentary Review

Film banner for Clapboard Jungle

As a child, I had no idea that movies had creators. I grasped the idea of books and stories being the work of an author, and I could imagine them typing away at a typewriter the way my mom or dad would sit and type for their day jobs, or …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ‘Halloween’ (1978)

Whenever a friend asks me for my shortlist of favorite horror movies, I always seem to struggle. However, I never have any issues in naming my all-time favorite. John Carpenter’s seminal horror masterpiece, Halloween, is a go-to favorite for many horror fans, and there’s plenty of reasons why. The film …

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