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‘War Of The Worlds’ (2005): David Koepp’s Best Kept Secret – Retro Review

The 2005 version of War Of The Worlds was met with mixed results. However, like fine wine, the film gets better with age. David Koepp wrote the screenplay for legendary director Steven Spielberg. Koepp is probably best known for the Kevin Bacon thriller, Stir of Echoes (1999 – read our …

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‘The Mummy’ Set to Lose $95 Million

the mummy

The Mummy has gotten a lot of hate from horror fans. Even before it hit theaters and purely based on the trailers, fans were already making up their minds on how bad the film would be. This is not one of those articles. Personal feelings aside, this information is based …

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The Mummy (2017) – Movie Review

The Mummy was a film that no one asked for and no one wanted. After watching the trailer, I had no interest in watching this movie. It looked like just another Tom Cruise action flick that focused more on unrealistic stunts than a good, old-fashioned horror story. But was Alex …

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‘Bride of Frankenstein’ is Next in the New Dark Universe Series

As most of you know, Universal has been planning on rebooting its series of classic monsters for the last couple years. They played around with the idea starting with Dracula Untold, but since that wasn’t too successful, everyone is leaning on next month’s highly anticipated reboot of The Mummy to start the new …

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