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Damian Mc Carthy’s ‘Caveat’ (2020): This Old House Has Rotten Secrets – Movie Review

Growing up, the dark was a common fear for many of us. The idea of something in the shadows, a figure watching us and waiting to attack, was nearly paralyzing. It was the fear of the unknown and what’s hidden there. Perhaps we grew out of it, or perhaps we …

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Interview With ‘Caveat’ Director Damian Mc Carthy

After watching the 2020 film, Caveat, I was a bit obsessed with finding out more about the filmmakers behind the scenes. I had so many inquiries, like finding out where that insane drumming rabbit toy came from. The Cork, Ireland native was kind enough to take time out of his …

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Shudder Releases Official Trailer and Poster for ‘Caveat’

Leila Sykes in Caveat. Image credit: Shudder

Shudder, the premium streaming service for horror, thrillers, and the supernatural is delighted to announce that Damian Mc Carthy’s feature debut, the unnerving cat and mouse thriller Caveat, will be released exclusively on Shudder this June. Filmed in Cork, Ireland, Caveat is Mc Carthy’s feature debut following a string of …

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Dark Sky Films Has Snapped Up Distribution Rights To Festival Darling, ‘Caveat’

After a successful run at both Frightfest and Screamfest, Director Damian Mc Carthy’s (He Dies at the End) thriller, Caveat, has been acquired by Dark Sky films. The film stars Ben Caplan (RocknRolla), Conor Dwane (Christmas at Draculas), Jonathan French (A Soldier’s Voice), and Leila Skyes (Lancaster Skies). They are …

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