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Movie Review: Patrick Robert Young and Powell Robinson’s ‘Threshold’ (2021) Gets What It Gives

Admittedly, Threshold has an interesting technical concept as a horror/thriller combined with a road trip mumblecore/indie drama, improvised by the two leads and shot on two iPhones. It’s always impressive to see such moxie and go-get-’em spirit in filmmakers—to take the low-fi, low-budget route with high concepts for the time …

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Movie Review: ‘Sacrifice’ (2021) Delivers A Peculiar Chain of Events


If you dig a good mystery, you may want to check out DREAD’s new Lovecraftian horror film, Sacrifice. It was written and directed by Andy Collier and Tor Mian (read our interview with them – HERE). It stars Barbara Crampton (check out our recent interview with her – HERE), Ludovic Hughes, …

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David Fowler’s ‘Welcome to the Circle’ is Coming Soon!

Coming soon to DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming is a new horror film directed by David Fowler called Welcome to the Circle. The film stars Matthew MacCaull (Tomorrowland), Taylor Dianne Robinson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2), Ben Cotton (Stan Helsing), Cindy Busby (The Big Year), Hilary Jardine (Van Helsing …

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Miles Doleac’s ‘Hallowed Ground’ (2019) Movie Review

When it comes to horror films, we all have our subgenres and niche weaknesses. Anything that comes out that fits our little obsessions immediately becomes a must-watch, sight-unseen. My heart sings for two things: Deadly Games and Horror Westerns. Give me Saw (2004) or Union Furnace (2015 – read our review …

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‘Marie Antionette’s’ Clementine Poidatz Discloses A First With PopHorror

It was a pleasure to get the opportunity to speak with Clémentine Poidatz about her career. It was interesting to hear all about a new avenue for her, which is acting in the horror genre. She gives all the details of this horrifically magnificent experience. A little about the lady …

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Miskatonic Institute Class Examines Cults, Murder, and Movies

Miskatonic Institute

Named for the fictional university in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary works, the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an international organization that offers university-level history, theory and production-based master classes for people of all ages. Miskatonic London welcomes author and screenwriter Ian Cooper as its latest guest lecturer. Cooper will discuss  the sub-genre …

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Dark Chamber (2006): A Classic Murder Mystery Homage

In the early 2000s, murder mystery films began abandoning the simplistic crime and drama angle in favor of complex psychological twists. Although incredible hits such as Identity (2003) and Shutter Island (2010) brought fresh angles to the murder mystery subgenre, it is always fun to see a film reminiscence of old school …

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‘Pyewacket’ (2018) Movie Review: Bone-Chillingly Fantastic

Growing up, one of my favorite films was The Craft (still is). I used to wish I was a witch and practice light as a feather and stiff as a board with my friends. Unfortunately, nothing happened and that’s the most I’ve ever dabbled anything like witchcraft or cult-like situations. …

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The Path (2016) TV Series Review

Faith can be a tool to bring communities together for a greater good, but in the wrong hands it can take a darker turn of manipulation, blackmail, and murder. Hulu Original series The Path (2016) is a dark drama featuring the Meyerist movement (a cult with definite shades of Scientology). The …

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