‘Eat Local’ Movie Review

Eat Local is a British vampire comedy starring Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) and was directed by Jason Flemyng. The story centers on the eight British vampire overlords getting together for their fifty year meeting to discuss their membership and other issues. Throughout the night, mayhem and death ensues.

If you like dry wit and sick humor with mild gore, you’ll probably enjoy Eat Local. Fans of British humor who don’t mind a slow pace will also enjoy it.

For me, I really, really wanted to like this movie. The first twenty minutes is just the vampires sitting around the table being cheeky with one another. Maybe it’s the British humor, but to me, this just fell flat. By the time things started happening, I was already losing interest.

Maybe my expectations were too high with such an all-star cast, but it just didn’t seem like the actors were given much to work with. What action there was felt like it was inserted to provide a break from the clunky dialogue.

Overall, those who enjoy dry wit and over the top action sequences will most likely appreciate Eat Local. Others may find it a bit on the slow side. I felt it was trying too hard and couldn’t decide what kind of film it wanted to be. Did it want to be horror? Comedy? Action? So they just threw everything at the wall to see what would stick.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself if Eat Local is worth checking out.

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