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Upcoming Anthology ‘Cryptids’ Starring Joe Bob Briggs Kicks Off Funding Campaign

If you’ve spent any time here at PopHorror, you’ll have noticed our love of horror anthologies, most especially P.J. Starks’ Volumes of Blood franchise and Zane Hershberger’s 10/31 double feature. We’re also huge fans of Justin M. Seaman’s The Barn, and the ultimate movie host, Joe Bob Briggs. So, why …

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‘The Barn’ Filmmakers Announce Horror Anthology ‘Cryptids’

We PopHorror-ites are huge fans of Filmmakers Justin M. Seaman (read our interview with him here) and Zane Hershberger (read our interview with him here) and their 2016 film, The Barn (2016 – read our review here). As we anxiously await The Barn Part II, we got news that the …

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’10/31 Part 2′ (2019) Movie Review: All Hail Samhain

10/31 part 2

It’s the night before Halloween, better known as Devil’s Night. Like most people around the world, I’ve spent my evening watching horror films. Mostly I’m trying to sober my emotions with horror as I watch the snowfall outside my window. Yes, like many places around the world it’s currently snowing …

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A Love Letter to Indie Horror Filmmakers: We Need More Horror Anthologies

I live and breathe indie horror. There’s just something so creatively raw and beautiful about it that makes my icy, black heart beat just a little bit faster. That’s why I enjoy supporting the genre in any way I can. I especially love horror anthologies. What’s better than getting to …

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Bones Will Be Breaking in ‘Bonejangles 2: Bride of Bonejangles’

bride of bonejangles

Last week we gave you an exclusive look at the upcoming sequel, Bonejangles 2: Bride of Bonejangles and now we’re stoked to announce the indiegogo project is now live! There are some pretty freaking awesome perks for this campaign and they’re all affordable, so make sure to check it out …

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[Exclusive] First Poster and Stills for ‘Bonejangles 2’

exclusive still from Bonejangles 2

Last year, I was lucky enough to watch and review Brett DeJager’s crazy supernatural horror slasher, Bonejangles. It wasn’t like anything I had seen before and the mix of sub-genres was something uniquely special. Also quite bizarre. That’s why I’m super excited to announce that it won’t be long before …

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’10/31′ is Now Available on DVD!

If you love anthologies, if you love horror, and if you love Halloween… 10/31 is the perfect choice for you. It hands down one of my favorite horror anthologies ever and has such a talented crew and cast. The segments are unique, fun, and bloody awesome (read my review – …

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Spooktacular Alternative Poster for 10/31

By now, everyone knows that 10/31 (read my review – here) is one of my new favorite anthologies. I highly recommend everyone check it out. Everything about it will make you miss Halloween including the new alternative poster for 10/31 by Paul Stier. Check it out! Alternative Poster for 10/31 by …

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