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Michael Su’s ‘Bloodthirst’ Being Called 2021’s Must-See Vampire Horror

Indie blockbuster Bloodthirst, Executively Produced by Mem Ferda, is a flawless amalgamation of science fiction and quintessential horror against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Protagonist John Shepard (Costas Mandylor) is a seasoned vampire hunter faced with the arduous task of defeating the master vampire to prevent his impending transformation into the undead. …

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‘Bloodthirst’ (2021) Movie Review: This Vampire Film Sinks Its Teeth Into A Western Apocalypse

Growing up, my favorite genre was horror. I Loved watching it on Saturday afternoons after cartoons. Although some days, horror movies weren’t on, so I was treated to classic westerns instead. As time went on, I learned to love both westerns and horror movies. Bloodthirst is a movie that combines …

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