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‘Aliens’ (1986) – The Enduring Legacy Of One Of The Best Sequels Ever – Retro Review

Seven years after the release of Ridley Scott’s phenomenal Alien in 1979 (read our retro review here)—a movie that had people lined up and down city streets to see it and helped usher in the age of the blockbuster—the next dose of deep space terror was unleashed. This time, sitting …

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Frolic Pictures Releases 37 New Grindhouse Double DVDs

Frolic Grindhouse Double Features

Frolic Pictures is back with a host of all new Grindhouse Double DVDs. The folks at Frolic send word they’ve got 37 new titles (that’s 74 kickass movies) for your viewing enjoyment! What are they? Where can you buy them? Read on for all the details! From The Frolic Pictures …

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MVD Entertainment Announces Five New Titles

MVD Entertainment

MVD Entertainment sends word that they’re about to release a second wave of films from the Yari Film Group. New titles include Bob Yari’s film debut, Mind Games, along with four other films slated for the MVD Marquee Collection. The deal was negotiated by Eric D. Wilkinson for MVD Entertainment …

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Broken Lizard’s ‘Club Dread’ Turns 15 Years Old.

February 27, 2019, is the 15th anniversary of the release of the movie Club Dread. Since then, the film has essentially become a cult classic. Enough has been written about the comedy troupe behind the film, Broken Lizard, the guys behind Super Troopers. Rather, this retro review is going to focus …

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‘Near Dark’ 30 Years Later: Sink Your Teeth Into This Cult Classic Once Again This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, we horror fans often feel compelled to embrace the scary movies we loved so much as children. One of mine was (and is) Near Dark, the vampire cult classic that was released three decades ago on October 2, 1987. The film directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt …

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Saying Goodbye To An Icon: Bill Paxton Dead At 61

Bill Paxton in NEAR DARK

When it comes to action, sci-fi and horror, few stars shine brighter than the legendary Bill Paxton. It is with profound sadness that we say goodbye to the prolific genre actor who brought us so much joy in so many iconic roles over the years. Bill’s family released a statement today announcing …

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Why ‘Aliens’ Is My Favorite Horror Movie

When asked to describe my favorite horror movie, why did I choose Aliens (1986) over any other over every other horror movie I’ve ever seen, including the first Alien? It’s very simple. Aliens was the first horror movie I ever watched, way back at the age of three. Back in the day, my father …

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