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Lewis Teague’s ‘Cat’s Eye’ (1985) Fun Facts And Goofs

Cat’s Eye is an anthology film based on short stories by Stephen King. Released on April 12, 1985, the film follows a stray cat who links three tales of suspense and horror. Directed by Lewis Teague (Cujo 1983) from a screenplay written by King himself, Cat’s Eye stars many talented …

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Frames of Fear 2 (2017) Movie Review

Awhile back, we shared the trailer for Frames of Fear 2, a shot on video indie horror anthology. Ever since I saw that trailer I have been anxiously awaiting the final product. The time has finally come and I was able to check out the film. So what did I …

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Graveyard Stories (2017) Movie Review

I learned about Graveyard Stories from my writing mentor and friend Brian K. Morris, a novelist and comic book writer whom I met 2 years ago at a convention. Brian urged me to pursue my dream of writing. Awhile back, I saw a post where he casually mentioned that he …

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