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Michael Shlain’s ‘In a Foreign Town’ Launches on ALTER

In a Foreign Town

Michael Shlain’s In a Foreign Town has just launched on Gunpowder & Sky’s horror platform ALTER. The short horror film stars Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-man Ps4, Love, Death + Robots, Sarah Connor Chronicles), Tony Amendola (Annabelle, Stargate SG-1), David Rees Snell (The Shield, S.W.A.T.), and Strange Dave (The Smiling Man). It …

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Award-Winning Horror Short ‘Boo’ To Officially Premiere on ALTER!


The award-winning short horror film Boo (read our review – HERE) will be having its official online premiere on October 19, 2020, on ALTER (watchalter.com). ALTER produces and releases feature movies, series, and short-form stories from the most provocative and innovative minds in horror reaching fans across all platforms. As …

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Elwood Quincy Walker’s ‘Kissed’ (2020) Horror Short Review: Getting Down With the Dead

It takes a certain type of person to become a coroner or mortician. Constantly surrounded by death, poking and prodding lifeless bodies, preparing corpses for an open casket … or a closed casket if luck should have it. Now I’m sure there are plenty of individuals in the profession of …

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Review for ALTER’s New Horror Short ‘Stucco’ (2020)


Stucco is an SXSW 2020-nominated short film with a star-studded cast that is now available on Gunpowder & Sky’s horror brand ALTER. This is a pretty powerful story that will stick with you long after you’re done watching it. This short was co-directed and co-written by Janina Gavankar (True Blood, …

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‘Sell Your Body’ (2019) Is The Best Short Of The Year

I recently had the pleasure of viewing a 2017 short film written and directed by Jaanelle Yee (Teeth And Lungs) called Sell Your Body. It stars an amazing cast including Nadira Foster-Williams (Whatever This Is 2013), Pauline Sherrow (Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll 2015), and Menuhin Hart (Dean Supreme …

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Official Trailer and Poster for ‘Villains’


ALTER, Gunpowder & Sky’s horror brand, has just launched the trailer and poster for Villains. They’re both freaking awesome and we can’t recommend this film enough. Check out all the details down below! The film was written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. The film stars Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, Jeffrey …

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Nightmares Film Festival Strikes A First-Look Deal With Gunpowder & Sky

Nightmares Film Festival

Nightmares Film Festival is where you go to find better horror. It’s the best of the best and the place to be if you want to see mind-blowing, sensational, and frightening stories from filmmakers who truly love what they do. I met the co-founder and programmer, Jason Tostevin, last year …

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New Trailer Release for Horror ‘Deadcon’


GUNPOWDER & SKY’S HORROR BRAND ALTER TO SCARE CHICAGO’S CINEPOCALYPSE FILM FEST WITH THE WORLD PREMIERE OF SOCIAL MEDIA HORROR DEADCON  PRESS RELEASE ALTER, a new horror brand from global studio Gunpowder & Sky – today announced that it will be a presenting sponsor of this year’s Chicago’s Cinepocalypse Film …

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Horror Short ‘The Dollmaker’ Proves That Grief Makes Us Do Crazy Things

The award winning short film, The Dollmaker, is a topical horror short that uses a recognizable plot to help viewers make sense of their own often-messy lives. The film doesn’t break new ground, but rather lovingly pays homage to what’s nearly become a horror sub-genre: Grieving parents who make a …

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