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Bradley Parker’s ‘The Devil Below’ (2021): The Darkness Shows Our Fears And True Selves – Movie Review

I have accepted death. I understand that it is a part of life and nothing can be done to stop it. It is something we face in our lives regarding family members, pets, loved ones, and friends, but for me, it’s the experiences we go through that can be summed …

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Official Trailer and Poster for ‘The Devil Below’

The Devil Below

Check out the official trailer and poster for the new action thriller, The Devil Below. This film was directed by Bradley Parker and co-written by Eric Scherbarth and Stefan Jaworski. It was produced by Julio Hallivis, Diego Hallivis, Andres Rosende, and Alejandro de Leon. The cast includes Alicia Sanz, Adan Canto, Zach …

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