Sophia The Robot MIGHT Want To Destroy Humans

Robots and artificial intelligence. For decades, people have debated about the pros and cons of such technology – from the pro of household assistance to the con of human extinction. Personally, I think I can just hire a sexy maid to help me out when I’m in my older age. At least she won’t have some sort of operating system failure and try to destroy me with her mechanical super strength. Unfortunately, it looks as though this reality is creeping up on us. Courtesy of CNBC, meet Sophia.

No thanks! Until her maniacal facial expressions are toned down, I don’t want her near me or my family. If I step back and look from outside the box, I can appreciate how big this is in the scientific community. Dr. David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, has created something truly remarkable. As a movie buff, it worries me. Just look at the Terminator franchise, Ex Machina, and I, Robot, just to name a few. People create robots and nothing good comes out of it in the end. Apparently, these scientists are so busy trying to build the end of mankind via a life-size Siri in human form that they have failed to watch a good robot apocalypse flick.


Maybe I’m wrong. After all, we are just talking about movies, right? Perhaps Sophia was just being sarcastic when asked about destroying humans. I guess we’ll never know… until it’s too late.

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Chris resides in Louisville, Kentucky, Home of actress Jennifer Lawrence and the late great Muhammad Ali. He is a huge movie buff and loves a good horror flick. He recently decided to start writing about horror movies so he could stop annoying his fiancée with his thoughts on them.

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