Happy Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!

On August 13th, 1899 the world was introduced to Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock.  Little did he know that he would later become one of the greatest horror icons of our time.  With numerous films under his belt, Hitchcock excelled the most in creating suspenseful characters that were more than a little crazy.  Sadly, he died on April 29th, 1980 so all we have left of him are his amazing movies that are still very much enjoyed to this day.  In his memory, I would like to give tribute to some of his best films.  Join me in celebrating one of the earliest masterminds of horror!


The 1963 film The Birds will certainly not make you a fan of the aviary family.  The movie is centered around the risque Melanie Daniels played by Tippi Hedren.  One day she stops into a bird shop where she meets the handsome lawyer Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor).  The chemistry is inevitable between the two almost instantly.  That feeling is soon replaced with terror, however, when birds start unexpectedly attacking them along with the citizens of San Francisco.  It’s time to invest in millions of birdcages because these flying creatures are out for blood!


Rear Window came out in 1954 and is considered to be one of Hitchcock’s best.  Not only was the film nominated for four Oscars but also was added to the U.S. National Film Registry.  The movie stars Jimmy Stewart as a photographer named L.B. Jeff Jefferies.  During one photograph excursion, he breaks his leg causing him to be wheelchair bound in his home.  To pass the time, he gazes out of his rear window at the neighbors engaging in various activities.  One fateful night, Jeff hears a woman scream along with the sound of breaking glass.  The next day he becomes convinced that his neighbor murdered his wife.  Jeff then proceeds to try to figure out the truth at any cost.  He even throws his sophisticated girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelley) into the mix.  These two actors are reason enough to give this a watch.  In addition, it is an edge of your seat thriller you won’t want to miss.


Norman Bates is the first name that pops into my mind when I think about the 1960 film Psycho.  Cleverly written and directed, the movie is actually believed to be one of the earliest of the slasher genre.  It reigns in the psychological horror genre a tad more but, it is one of the most brilliant I have seen.  The movie follows real estate secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) as she struggles with finances to be able to marry her boyfriend due to his debts.  One day in particular, a client drops off a large sum of cash.  Crane really wants to ease her money problems so she steals the money and flees.  Bates Motel comes into view as a storm begins to brew.  She decides to get a room for the night to play it safe.  Too bad there is nothing safe about this place.

At that time, people had not witnessed anything quite like Psycho before.  Needless to say, it scared the hell of them causing Norman Bates to become a household name.  Since Hitchcock’s death, there have been three sequels, a remake, a television film spin-off, and a television series. Have you heard of AMC’s Bates Motel?  Well, you should because it is undeniably amazing.  I strongly believe that this movie let others know it was o.k. to push the boundaries while making a horror film.  I mean, what is a horror movie without sexuality, violence, and deviant behavior?



I bet Alfred Hitchcock is in awe of all the new elements of horror that have graced their presence in recent years.  There would be many more scary movies to choose from if he were still with us.  This is a man who knew how to think outside of the box.  I only mentioned three of his films above but there are many Hitchcock films to enjoy.  Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!  Thank you for being you and opening the creativity for horror up. Most of all, though, thank you for letting us know that “we all go a little mad sometimes.”

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