‘She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake’ (2017) – Movie Review

Halloween and Thanksgiving may have just passed, but the holidays are far from over. What better way to celebrate than to snuggle up to the ones you love and watch people get sliced and diced around Christmas time? I know that sounds morbid as hell, but hey, to each their own!

Over the years, we have been given some fantastic Christmas horror films such as Black Christmas, P2, Jack Frost, and the beloved classic Gremlins. Earlier this year I was able to screen an indie horror film by the ever so talented Brooklyn Ewing of the name She Was So Pretty. I literally jumped for joy when she asked me to screen the sequel and was even more thrilled to learn that it was a holiday horror film! So be sure to grab your cup of hot cocoa and sit back and read my review for the awesome She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake!

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake

Official Synopsis of She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake!:

Alfred James Ellis III and Detective Baldwin continue their reign of terror. Will something get in the way of their budding holiday cheer? Or perhaps some run-in’s from their past just might catch up with them. 

What Works:

The dynamic duo of Alfie and Baldwin are so devilishly demented together and have great on-screen chemistry, they make for such tortured good tidings. Jerry Larew Jr. Hits the nail on the head as the creeptastic Alfie once again. His stare alone still makes me cringe in my seat and he takes being a creepy weirdo to the next level and beyond. (Please don’t stab me!)

Corey Rutter this time around takes on the role of Detective Baldwin and all I can say is that dude can play a fucking psycho like no other. I would actually be down to see a prequel to how he got to be the way he is. You do learn a little more about him in this one, but I could see a whole film centered around him. Justin Ewing and Elvis McComas return as Kennedy and Jake and are just as lovable as in the first. They play well off of each other and give the film another layer.

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake! actually has multiple storylines and that’s one reason why I loved it so much. Newcomer Eleanore played by the wonderfully obscure Destiny Brooke Loper takes She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake! in a completely different direction and it’s impeccable.

Destiny Brooke Loper as Eleanore.

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake! also really turns up the notch with the gore in this one. In the first film, they did it all on a zero dollar budget and they really did an amazing job, giving the bloodhound fans what they want with this one. Also, the soundtrack is definitely one you will want to be rocking around your Christmas tree with!

Brooklyn Ewing’s cinematography is insane. This girl is honestly a visionary and I truly believe she is the next big female horror director! After viewing the film, you can absolutely see why She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake won best cinematography at this year’s Nightmares Film Festival! Fucking awesome! It’s little touches like the “Dirt Candy Milk” that makes this film even that more lovable.

What Doesn’t Work:

This is such a fun fucking movie that it’s really even hard to pick at. I know it wasn’t done on a huge budget, so I factor that into my review as well. This one is way more advanced than the first. The only thing I could really ding it on would be one or two continuity issues. However, this makes no difference in the plot or storyline.

Final Thoughts:

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake! is absolutely a fun addition to the holiday horror themed movies and one that should be owned for all of your collections! The soundtrack would make a rad stocking stuffer or even actual Christmas gift! Be sure to check She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake! I mean you don’t want Detective Baldwin or Alfie showing up on your doorstep, do you? Also check back to PopHorror for our interview with the awesome Justin Ewing of both films!


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