Ready Or Not (2019) – A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Humor Movie Review

Last weekend, the latest theatrical horror release, Ready or Not, opened to excited audiences. The trailer promised laughs, bloodshed, and violence, and that is exactly what it delivered. Full of inventive kills, Ready or Not was highly entertaining. With horror comedies not always hitting the mark, this one found a formula sure to please the diverse horror fanbase.    

Samara Weaving in the film, Ready Or Not. Photo by Eric Zachanowich. © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (V/H/S) of Radio Silence team up with writers Guy Busick (Stan Against Evil TV series) and American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy on Ready Or Not to create a very unique horror film.

Blue collar worker Grace (Samara Weaving: The Babysitter 2017 – read our review here) is marrying Alex (Mark O’Brien: Bad Times At The El Royale 2018), a member of the wealthy and powerful Le Domas family, famous for their empire of board games. The Le Domas’ are a complicated bunch and all is not what it seems with these members of the upper crust. To ensure the family maintains its prestige, an unusual ritual must take place on the evening of the wedding, and Grace unwittingly becomes their target. What ensues throughout the night is a clever, entertaining mix of dark humor and violence. Grace must successfully hide from the motivated, murderous members of the Le Domas family within their own sprawling estate. 

On the surface, Ready or Not is simply a bloody good time at the movies, but it could also be a tongue in cheek commentary on social class and even feminism. Grace comes face to face with some incredible circumstances, confined in the mansion and wearing a Victorian wedding gown, and she must fight for her survival. 

The filmmakers create a genre powerhouse blending gore, supernatural elements and humor with unexpected twists and turns. The performances are spot on, and the kills were impressive, so no matter if you simply take Ready or Not at face value, or decide to dive in deeper, you’re sure to enjoy. 

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