Take A Walk On The ‘Psycho Path’ (2019) – Movie Review

I love it when I assume I know what a film is going to be about and I’m proven completely wrong once I watch it. That’s exactly what happened when I clicked the link for Dan Robinette’s most recent short, Psycho Path.


Laurel Rhodes is a backpacking vlogger who specializes in hidden trails and hard-to-reach hikes. After taking a wrong turn on her latest expedition, she stumbles upon an eerie, deserted cabin with strange markings on the wall. Trapped in the dark and rain, Laurel reluctantly decides to spend the night, unaware that a madman is coming with murder on his mind.

Psycho Path was directed by Dan Robinette (Tethered 2017 – read our review here) and written by Cooper Thornton (Nervous Breakdown 2019 – read our review here). The short stars newcomers Abigail Wilson and Jack Pearson along with Michael Smith (Immortality 2016).

Psycho Path is a tight, streamlined story that follows young Laurel Rhodes as she traverses the hidden trails and destinations in the woods while filming for her vlog, Off Rhodes with Laurel Rhodes. There were no wasted scenes in the short, and even though filming changed repeatedly from found footage to third person camera, it didn’t detract from the story at all. The cabin was creepy, especially the seemingly random drawings on the wall that bring the film a bit of a Blair Witch vibe. I was highly impressed with Abigail Wilson’s acting in Psycho Path, especially considering this is her first IMDb role. She goes from bouncy and expressive to terrified with the flip of a switch. I won’t spoil the ending, but I can honestly say it came out of left field, and I had never expected it. Last but not least, I love the play on the words in the title. It brings so many meanings to what the film really is.

If you get the chance, you should watch Psycho Path, only to see if you can figure out the twist before I did. If you like this one, be sure to grab Dan’s short, Tethered, which we loved here at PopHorror.


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