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Sink Your Teeth Into Universal’s ‘ABIGAIL’ (2024) Trailer


From Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the duo behind Ready or Not, Scream (2022) and Scream VI (2023) comes a new vampire film with a twist: Abigail (psst… Not to be confused with this film). It looks super fun, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the trailer! …

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Timothy Woodward Jr.’s ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART’ (2023) – Review

Til Death Do Us Part

Marriage is tough. Between the chores, managing finances, runaway brides, and attempting to save yourself from an incensed party of groomsmen, the rigors of wedded bliss are tested in Til Death Do Us Part. This action-packed entry from the creators of Final Destination blends many different genres, mixing action, horror, drama, and …

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Horror Movie Heroes vs. Monsters From Other Franchises

We here at PopHorror were thinking: what would it be like if horror movie heroes took on other monsters that are not from their universe? We decided to compile a list of heroes and who we’d like to see them match up against. FIGHT! Hero vs. Monster Gale Weathers from …

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Movie Review: Will Jewell’s ‘Concrete Plans’ (2021) Goes All-In

Concrete Plans

Will Jewell’s newest film, Concrete Plans, may not be the first time horror has branched out into eat-the-rich narratives, but does it connect on the level of some more modern favorites of the genre? Synopsis for Concrete Plans: High in the remote Welsh mountains, five builders are brought together to …

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Interview With ‘Parallel’ Actor Mark O’Brien

Nobody can deny the genius that is the bloody and sadistically cynical masterpiece, Ready or Not (2019 – read our review here). While I appreciate the super talented Samara Weaving in anything she does, I found the stand-out and most memorable aspect of the film to be Mark O’Brien, who played …

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Ready Or Not (2019) – A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Humor Movie Review

Last weekend, the latest theatrical horror release, Ready or Not, opened to excited audiences. The trailer promised laughs, bloodshed, and violence, and that is exactly what it delivered. Full of inventive kills, Ready or Not was highly entertaining. With horror comedies not always hitting the mark, this one found a …

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