PopHorror Interviews ‘Camera Obscura’ Star Noah Segan

Recently, PopHorror got the chance to sit down and have a quick chat with the very talented actor, Noah Segan, who is certainly no stranger to the horror genre! His whole resume is rather impressive. He’s worked in everything from indie horror films to big blockbusters. In this interview, we discuss past and present work, including his latest film, Camera Obscura, which releases in theaters today, June 9th, and will be available on VOD and Digital HD on Tuesday, June 13th, so mark your calendars, folks!

PopHorror: Hey, Noah! I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to do this interview! How long have you wanted to be an actor?

Noah Segan: Absolutely! Thank you! Oh, you know, I’ve just really loved movies ever since I can remember. When you are a tiny kid, you think actors make the movies… there are hundreds of other important roles that make a movie, though. However, the actors are what drew me into it initially. I love photography, so at one point, I really wanted to be a cinematographer. But my friend got me into acting at twenty years old.

PopHorror: What has been your favorite role?

Noah Segan: Oh, man! You can’t pick a favorite! (laughs) That’s next to impossible! A lot of the movies I have been a part of are because of friendships: DeadGirl, Starry Eyes, and Camera Obcsura. With each role, you love them all more and more.

PopHorror: I think that is so amazing! Do you think your past films helped you prepare for you newest role in Camera Obscura?

Noah Segan: What is really cool about making movies is that there are certain rules that don’t change over time – ever! Like when you have to go to the bathroom, you say, “10-1” instead of “I have to pee.” Every character is different and every director is different. However, we are constantly changing with each film, but we still get to tell a story that is something unique every time. You know what? That sounds like total BS, so I’m changing my answer. My answer is: Yes, everything I had done prior does prepared me for this role.

PopHorror: How did  you go about getting this role?

Noah Segan: A friend of mine that I’ve had for some time – he produced Starry Eyes – he and I had been trading ideas and material. Then one day, he said, “Can you read my script?” and that was Camera Obscura. When helping out your friends, eventually you start meeting other people and that was how I got hooked up with my old friend, Andrew, who is a producer. There are people I’ve been a fan of for years and then one day, you finally get to work with them and they become your friends and it’s surreal. Like Christopher Denham – we became friends and now I would do anything for that guy!

PopHorror: The ending to Camera Obscura is pretty crazy and I didn’t foresee the part with your character coming at all. What was that scene like for you?

Noah Segan: No spoilers! It was spooky! Man, that location out of the middle of nowhere… it took a lot of movie magic! It was fucking terrifying! Definitely disturbing to show up and do it. So much of the scene asks you to feel something for someone else. In this situation, it was my character, Walt, feeling for Chris’ character, Jack. I’m sure anyone can relate to caring!

PopHorror: What is your favorite horror film?

Noah Segan: You ask such hard questions! (laughs) Certain movies that scare me are more then just horror films. One of the ones that overlaps genres is Rosemary’s Baby. It is a really good, scary movie. I don’t know, man… Pieces is really scary; Death Dream is scary; Route 45 is really scary. I don’t know why, but the movie that still gives me nightmares even to this day is Edward Scissorhands.

To see more of Noah and his upcoming horror film, Camera Obscura, check back with PopHorror for a full review of the film! Don’t forget – Chiller Films will be releasing it in theaters on June 9th and on VOD/Digital HD on June 13th!

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