Coming Soon to VOD and Digital: J.D. Marmion’s ‘Lone Wolf’

Coming soon to VOD and Digital is a new horror film directed by J.D. Marmion (Prohibition Blues) called Lone Wolf. The film stars Jane Gardner (Amateur Hour), Christine Liao (Ripple Effect), and Tohmas Howery. It will be available October 5, 2021.


Charlie, a professional cosplayer that specializes in dressing up in Furry Animal costumes decides to go to the biggest Furry Party of the year with her friends, but the party is soon cut short when she realizes that the party’s host, Leon Fowl known as Lone Wolf, is a murderer who enjoys turning people into real life Furry Animals by sewing the “Fursuit” to his victim’s bodies. Charlie and her friends are now in a race for their lives to escape the clutches of this madman before its too late.

Check out the trailer below:

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When not writing, Christine Burnham is watching TV, Horror films, reading, cooking, and spending time with her menagerie of animals.

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