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The PopHorror Writers’ Favorite Horror Movies of 2017

If you’ve spent any time on this website, you know that the PopHorror writers watch and review a LOT of horror movies. Between indie and mainstream, shorts and feature lengths, festivals and sequels, we have seen hundreds of hours of scary celluloid in 2017 alone. While we certainly aren’t complaining …

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The Horrors of War: Screamfest’s ‘Trench 11’ (2017) Movie Review

In the words of William Tecumseh Sherman: War is Hell. This proves to be especially true for a group of allied soldiers during the final days of World War I who are tasked with destroying Trench 11, a place that may be hiding a dark secret that could take victory …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: Splinter (2008): A Diamond in the Rough


Splinter, directed by Toby Wilkins (The Grudge 3 2009) in 2008, is a film that, if you were to ask a good number of horror fans about it, they may not recall so quickly. Don’t let that fool you though. Splinter carries itself from its bitter and no-nonsense introduction in a way that pulls …

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Parasites Writer/Director Chad Ferrin Sits Down With Pophorror

Recently, I was able to check out the new urban horror film Parasites, but I had a few questions after I was done watching. Who better to get answers from than the creative genius behind the madness? Chad Ferrin, writer and director of Parasites, was more than happy to answer …

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Parasites (2017)- A Long, Dark, Raw and Dirty Road

As the old adage says, “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.” Basically, the product should speak for itself otherwise the repercussions could be fatal. Parasites doesn’t just speak for itself; it yells proudly and for good reason. This is a film that has it all – the main reason …

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