‘Nemesis’ (2021): Hell Can Be Anywhere Even At Home – Movie Review

Growing up watching British comedies widened my horizons on art. Hell, they damn well perfected it. A box set of Ab Fab, Keeping Up Appearances, or Faulty Towers can be your best friend on a rainy day. But the British are also great at dramas; it’s scary how natural it is for them. Nemesis (2021) does just that. This is a British crime drama with an interesting horror twist. What that twist is I can’t reveal, because, for myself, it was a really interesting one that did take me by surprise. Director James Crow (Devils Valley 2021) puts together an interesting tale of a family business, murder, deception, and lies.

Synopsis for Nemesis 

An underworld kingpin’s past catches up with him when he returns to London, igniting an explosive chain of events that ends in revenge and murder. The film written by Adam Stephen Kelly (Kill Kane 2016) puts the paint on the canvas perfectly with the dialogue and character development for this story.

Viewers will be intrigued by the Morgan family story which could’ve worked well as a TV series or even as a limited series. As a slow burn, some viewers may lose interest, but if you’re a fan of crime drama or British drama, then you’ll be intrigued to watch as the story unfolds.

There are horror elements and a few scenes of violence but nothing over the top or even trying to imitate other films which I have to say is a great feature. In some cases, mobster films try so hard to replicate other films or even cast certain actors to replay their previous characters that it becomes repetitious and cliché. Not so with Nemesis.

I’m not familiar with the main actor, Billy Murray (One In The Chamber 2012), although he stands out for me. He does a great job that reminds me of Michael Caine especially. He’s suave and also a bad guy. We finally see his true side revealed at the end of Nemesis, which is an interesting twist. Some parts do lag and honestly make me wish it had been done better, but the execution of the build-up is worth it. The film has a twist that goes from a mobster movie to a twisted home invasion movie and is worth a watch for horror fans and fans of crime dramas. Check it out now on DVD and Digital.

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