Annes Elwy in IFC Midnight's The Feast
Annes Elwy in IFC Midnight's The Feast

Movie Review: IFC Midnight’s Welsh Folk Horror ‘The Feast’ (2021) Is Mesmerizing and Unforgiving

IFC Midnight’s Welsh Folk Horror The Feast was quite the experience. The film was directed by Lee Haven Jones as well as written and produced by Roger Williams. It stars Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts, Lisa Palfrey, Caroline Berry, Steffan Cennydd, and Sion Alun Davies.

The Feast

Synopsis for The Feast 

Filmed in Welsh, the picture follows a young woman serving privileged guests at a dinner party in a remote house in rural Wales. The assembled guests do not realize they are about to eat their last supper.

The Feast is an arthouse horror film and with that comes a lot of patience and rewatches, which I did several times to make sure I understood everything that was going on. To be honest, I’m still not quite sure I understand everything and that’s okay, films like this are meant to make you think and wonder and rewatch and catch new things. What I do know, is that The Feast is a wild and disturbing ride, layered with awkward relationships, bizarre characters, and a feast to die for.

The Feast
Annes Elwy and Nia Roberts in IFC Midnight’s The Feast

All of the performances are phenomenal and chilling. Annes Elwy’s performance and character drove the story. She’s mysteriously and seemingly innocent but there’s far more to her than meets the eyes as we soon find out as the story progresses. She’s not your average girl. I also love Nia Roberts’ performance and character development. She’s a woman who’s trying to hold everything together but her world is quickly unraveling and it doesn’t take long before shit hits the fan.

Annes Elwy in IFC Midnight's The Feast
Annes Elwy in IFC Midnight’s The Feast

One of the best parts of the film is the unsettling cinematography and imagery. Even at the beginning, before things get super weird, there’s this threatening and claustrophobic atmosphere that’s just waiting to reveal itself and explode into the madness that is The Feast.

The Feast is mesmerizing and unforgiving and unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is now available in theaters, digital, and VOD from IFC Midnight. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

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