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Sam Mason-Bell’s ‘Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror’ (2022) – Movie Review

Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror is a 2022 Trash Arts release, co-written by Chris Mills (Hacker: Trust No One 2021) and Sam Mason-Bell (Terror At Black Tree Forest 2021 – our review), and directed by Mason-Bell. It stars Chris Mills, Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Disunion 2021), Spencer Craig (Right Here …

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Paulo Leite’s ‘Inner Ghosts’ (2019) Is A Truly Original Ghost Story

“If ghosts are real and haunt a specific location, then they must have some memory of who they are.” In the new film, Inner Ghosts, which was written and directed by Paulo Leite (Desencontros TV series), we meet Helen (Celia Williams: The Hunchback 2016), a gifted medium who lost both …

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‘Agramon’s Gate’ (2019) Movie Review

Conducting a séance at a house party is all fun and games… that is, until the devil’s left hand uses the spiritual opening to breach the land of the living. Writer/director Harley Wallen (Moving Parts) uses this devious opening to deliver chills in his latest horror feature, Agramon’s Gate. Creating …

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