Butt Boy

Fantastic Fest 2019 Review: ‘Butt Boy’ is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

When I first read about Fantastic Fest 2019 premiering Butt Boy, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It sounded too bizarre to be taken as a “serious” film, but oh boy was I wrong. Let’s just say, Fantastic Fest never disappoints. Never.

This film was directed by Tyler Cornack as well as co-written by himself and Ryan Koch. The cast includes Cornack, Tyler Dryden, Tyler Rice, Shelby Dash, Angela Jones, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, and Brad Potts.

Shelby Dash, Tyler Cornack, and Tyler Dryden in Butt Boy

Synopsis for Butt Boy

After a child goes missing, a newly sober detective suspects that his sponsor has a super power that makes animals, objects, and humans disappear in his butt.

With a name like Butt Boy, this film is far more entertaining than it has any right to be. But seriously I loved it. You will never see a film quite like this and I would love to know the inspiration behind this story. I mean, it has to be a good one.

The film stars out pretty tame, ordinary. A middle aged man is bored and miserable with his life. That is until he has a prostate exam and his world changes. He soon finds himself obsessed with putting anything and everything in his butt. It doesn’t take long before he moves on to bigger and better things like animals and small children… yes, you read that right. At first I was like, there is no fucking way this is happening but it did and it only gets crazier.

Tyler Cornack in Butt Boy
Tyler Cornack in Butt Boy

I know it seems like a story like is far too weird to be good, but it is. It’s hilarious and disturbing and a total mind fuck. Although you would think Butt Boy would play out more like a comedy, it doesn’t. Yes, it has comedic moments, but it keeps a serious tone throughout its runtime, which is what makes this film so brilliant. It’s such a ridiculous subject matter that they managed to normalize and make you think what if?

All of the performances are fantastic but Tyler Cornack Tyler Rice stole the show. Cornack aka Butt Boy is such a unique character to play and he slays it all the way. Although this dude has some serious problems, you also feel for him. It’s an addiction, a very unusual addiction, and he can’ t seem to control it even though he knows what he is doing wrong. Oh, so very wrong. Meanwhile, Rice plays the perfect unstable detective and I absolutely loved his storyline. He brought so much to the character and to the story, and I don’t think the film would have been the same without him.

Tyler Rice in Butt Boy
Tyler Rice in Butt Boy

The ending is utterly brilliant. I definitely didn’t expect it to go down that way, but I don’t think there could be a more perfect ending for a film like this. It’s disgusting, disturbing, and hilarious. You have to see this film to believe the madness.

Final Thoughts

Butt Boy is unlike any film you’ve ever seen before. It’s absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible and you must see it to believe it. I’ve seen my share of fucked up films (thanks to my husband), but Butt Boy is one of my new favorites. It had its premiere on Saturday, September 21st and will have another showing on Thursday, September 26th. WATCH IT. Seriously. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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