Help Chad Ridgely Build His ‘Murder Van’… Where ‘Saw’ Meets ‘Split’

If you’ve been anywhere near the front page of PopHorror in the past few days, you’ll have seen the news about Chad Ridgely’s upcoming film, Halloweed Night: Meet the Weedjies, which is coming out this Halloween, natch. Today, I’m even more excited to announce that Chad (who has recently appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood 2019) and his production company, Full Auto Films, have yet another project coming up called Murder Van, and I’m surprised to say that this one is not a horror comedy. According to the press release, this one will be more of a horror thriller, a combination of the Saw franchise and Split (2017 – read our review here). Sounds pretty cool, right? Keep reading!

Murder Van Synopsis:

Murder Van centers around two young women, Annie and Harlow, who are kidnapped by a serial killer and held in the back of a van. As they’re driven to an unknown destination, the two best friends are forced to survive a series of game-like challenges that test not only their friendship but also their humanity. Can they survive and escape before it’s too late?

From the press release:

Murder Van is a mostly female-driven horror film that focuses on empowering women, and though the two female leads in this film are in a circumstance to be victimized, they refuse to play the victim.

Not only is the plot female-centric, but many of the people signed on to work with Chad behind the scenes are women as well. Julia Bergeron (Porch Light 2019) co-wrote the script with the actor, which is based on a real life experience she suffered through as a teenager when she was kidnapped by a maniac and held captive in a van. Writer/Producer/Actress Maddison Bullock (Ice: The Movie 2018 – named one of the Top 10 skating films of all time by Skating Magazine) will co-star and co-produce the film with Ridgely as well. Composer Brooke deRosa (Luke Cage 2016, Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017) and FX Artist Carrie Mollohan, both Massacre on Aisle 12 alumni, will return to work on Murder Van.

Co-producers Chad Ridgely and Maddison Bullock

After self-financing both Massacre on Aisle 12 (2016 – read our review here) and 6:66 PM (2017 – read our review here) – both of which won Best Comedy Feature at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival – Chad has decided to try his hand at crowdfunding this feature. The perks are pretty amazing, starting with social media shout outs and posters and going all the way up to producer credits and an actual role in the film! Check out the pitch video below, and then wander on over to the IndieGoGo campaign to get more info to find out why you should be helping to build Maddison Bullock and Chad Ridgely’s Murder Van from the ground up.

I also want to mention that there are some secret perks available that are not listed on the IndieGoGo campaign page. Feel free to contact Chad on his Facebook page to find out more.

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